What You’ll Find Here

Hello Music Fan.  This is a spot I continue to update with my latest and greatest rants on shows and bands that I’m into.  The number of shows I go to usually dictates how often I post, but I promise not to stop.  Depending on how often you come back, you’ll find something new.  I’m going to focus mostly on rock music, but my tastes are varied.

I’m hoping this will be a place where you can get to know some new music that’s related to some other stuff you might like.  I try to get to roughly a show a month, which can be harder now that I’ve got a little one to take care of, but I’m always listening to new music, so there shouldn’t be lack of things to share.

I’m a big fan of albums and believe that a true test of an artist is if they can produce a album that works as a whole, so I’ll tend to those kinds of artists.




2 thoughts on “What You’ll Find Here

    • Old Lazy Rock Music Fan. Lazy because I am probably not going to know band members names and pretty much do nothing that a real journalist will do. Just trying to lower the bar appropriately. Not sure if I’m going to stick w/ that name, I’m open to Blog title ideas for sure. Thanks for the following, I’ll take all I can get!

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