MGMT_Showbox_Sodo5/15/13, Showbox SODO, Seattle, WA – It seems to me like MGMT are a band at the crossroads.  One direction takes them down a more popular frat house dance track direction, while another takes them in a more exploratory electro-psych Animal Collective type of direction.  There are many more options for them, a band as good as MGMT has many options and fusions of their layered sound that will ensure they will be a fun and interesting band to follow for years to come.  They are smart artists who have the tools, but what mixture of fun and interesting will they combine in their next chapters?

Just focusing on this show, without saying anything about their albums, it seemed like the band was standing at that crossroad, determining which way to go.  As for the live performance alone, they went for the band route rather than the DJ route.  If given a choice between the two, that’s always what I’d rather see live.  But, I wish they had been at it a bit longer.  They seemed a little hesitant, a little reserved, a little unsure of the performance.

The songs that were going to be a dance party certainly were and the room was hopping for each track it should have been hopping for.  Which is to say, the show was still a ton of fun, it was an MGMT show after all.  It just felt like they were looking forward and weren’t in the moment.

The band was talented, sounded good, dancing was done, the visuals were impressive.  They are coming to Seattle again soon to play Bumbershoot, I’d definitely check them out and see how they are coming along.  Whichever direction they go from here, it’ll be worth going down the road with them.

Setlist –


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