Washed Out @ the new Neptune

Washed Out

Washed Out @ the Neptune

Last Friday night a friend and I went to go see Washed Out at the newly converted old school movie theater – the Neptune.  Great venue, an ok show.  There are 3 levels in the standing area, the one further in the back has the bar.  Makes for plenty of spots to see the stage.  Not a big place at all, so decent sound.  But the band just didn’t make the best of it.  Their album is way better.  Maybe they are just too new at the live thing to have their stage presence put together.  Their “big” song Amor Fati that they closed with was pretty good, upbeat.

Short show too, out of there by like 10:30, which is just wrong for a rock show.  Best part was after the show when a bunch of people hit the dance floor to get crazy w/ some 80s synth rock.  Pretty funny stuff.  There’s a balcony for those who wanted to sit.  Neptune heads on the wall w/ glowing red eyes have a nice effect.

Looking forward to Death Cab at Key Arena next week, very different band, very different venue.


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