Fall Shows – Too Damn Many!!!!

Fall is a great time for live shows, the bands and the record companies stack the deck with all the kids coming back to school.  Any kind of college town has every club and venue packed great shows from September straight through November.  It’s a nice problem to have w/ so many to pick from, but I know I’m going to miss something I want to see.  Arrggghhh!

Because who doesn’t love a list, here’s what’s on my radar:

  • Ticket in Hand: The Horrors (confirmed, can’t wait)
  • Ticket in Hand: Portishead (on my live music bucket list, can’t wait)
  • Jens Leckman (in my humble neighborhood of Columbia City, thanks to Emily & Adam for this reco)
  • Twin Shadow (newly introduced to this, could be good)
  • Washed Out
  • We Were Promised Jetpacks – New Album Oct 4 in the US, YES!!!!!!
  • Death Cab – the arena rock choice of the season…
  • And Many, Many more….

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