Upcoming shows – August 2011

August is my birthday month and this end of summer / fall time is shaping up to be a busy one.  In addition to the Red Sox one appearance in Seattle this year this weekend and Isabel’s first game on Sunday (can’t wait), we just had our company summer outting and Weezer is playing next Friday.  I’ll be seeing them for the first time, I’ve NOT heard good things about their live show, but they are doing the Blue album and Pinkerton, so if they CAN be good, hopefully this is the show where they can bring back some of the early excitement.

The show is at WaMu theater, which most people hate, but I love for a show like this.  It’s usually GA, the acoustics are decent (way better than Key Arena IMHO) and there is TONS of space.  Sold out shows don’t feel crowded.  It’s tucked under the bleachers of Quest field (now called CenturyLink, but who cares) and they go ahead and use a bunch of space for shows.

Just purchased tickets for The Horrors at my favorite Seattle venue, Neumos on September 8th.  Just getting into The Horrors thanks to my Dropbox friends and KEXP and they are amazing.  Great mix of psychedlic brit shoe gazer and new age alt pop crooning a la Interpol.

Stay tuned for reviews of both shows and maybe a bit about the Red Sox coming to town for good measure.


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